AP System

TSA 230

World’s first cordless cut-off machine with 230 mm cutting wheel for wet cutting. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, up to 70 mm cutting depth, water connection with ball valve and hose coupling, spindle lock, maintenance-free belt drive, weight 3.9 kg.

Technical Details

Technical specifications



3,9 kg

Sound pressure level

103 dB(A)

Sound power level

114 dB(A)

Vibration level left/right

3,5/3,5 m/s²

Cutting wheel

230 mm

Maximum cutting depth

70 mm

Battery technology

Lithium-Ion AP-System

Recommended battery

AP 300

Battery life time AP 115 ¹)

up to 8 min

Battery life AP 160 ¹)

up to 13 min

Battery life AP 180 ¹)

up to 15 min

Battery life AP 200 ¹)

up to 14 min

Battery life AP 300 ¹)

up to 18 min

Battery life time AR 900 ¹)

up to 75 min

Battery life AR 3000 ¹)

up to 95 min

  1. Battery life times are approximate and may vary depending on application

Equipment and Function

Magnesium guard

The cutting wheel guard is made from a light and durable die cast aluminium.

STIHL electric motor (EC)

The STIHL electric motor (EC) is extremely energy efficient, lightweight and compact. It runs quietly, generates very low vibrations and does not require servicing.

Coasting brake

Electronic coasting brake brings the blade to a quick stop. No free wheeling.

Ergonomic handle

The ergonomic wrap around handle allows for a more comfortable and precise use in a variety of positions.

Hose attachment

Water is supplied to the cutting wheel through the standard water connection with sprinkler system to suppress the dust produced during cutting. It is supplied to the device in such a way so as not to interfere with your work.

Low-maintenance motor technology

The EC motor with maintenance-free belt drive and enclosed control unit is very durable and low maintenance.

Spindle lock mechanism

Cutting wheels can be changed quickly and easily.

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