High Pressure Cleaners

RE 80

STIHL compact high-pressure cleaner is suitable for cleaning jobs ranging from commercial use to domestic cleaning. The main feature of our high-pressure cleaner is adjustable pressure/ flow control, resulting in significantly reduced power consumption and protects the overall system. It has a low-speed engine and a robust brass pump head with ceramic pistons. This low-speed engine runs at lower rpm due to a greater pump displacement, increasing the service life of the engine and pump. The ceramic pistons reduce wear and tear to a minimum. There is a rotary knob that allows you to switch easily and quickly between the two detergent tanks. It also has a professional sprayer that reduces fatigue during prolonged use. The ergonomic design helps to absorb recoil from water jet more efficiently.

Technical Details

Technical Data


Max. Pressure (bar)


Operating Pressure (bar)


Max. Water Flow Rate (L/h)


Min. Water Flow Rate (L/min)


Power Consumption (kW)


Hose Length (m)


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